Long weekend offences

MORE than 50 traffic offences were recorded in the Wellington police service area during the Labour Day long weekend, from Friday to Monday, as part of Operation Arid.

Police allegedly detected three blood alcohol offences, one other drink and drug driving offence, one disqualified driver, one unlicensed driver, 23 speeding offences, one disobeying traffic control offence, one seatbelt offence and eight unregistered vehicle offences.

Police also allegedly detected 12 additional minor traffic offences.

Police across Victoria detected a total of 9311 traffic offences during the four day road safety blitz.

ROSEDALE police are investigating a burglary and vandalism at the Rosedale Speedway between 4pm on Tuesday and 1pm Wednesday.

Police said about $3000 in damage was caused and about $800 in items were stolen.

Police said there were also reports of vandalism at the adjoining pony club, with about $3000 in damage caused.

People with information are asked to phone Rosedale police on 5199 2222.