New water main works

Construction has begun on a new water main in Sale which will secure supply for future peak demands and allow for growth in the town.

The 1.9 kilometre pipeline will run from the Sale Water Treatment Plant at Waterworks Rd to the town centre along Cunninghame and Reeve Sts, Railway Place, Thomson, Stawell and Desailly Sts, ending at Macarthur St.

Gippsland Water customer service and communications general manager Paul Clark said the project was part of an overall $11.4 million investment in Sale for 2013-18, out of which $3.8 million has already been spent on other major capital projects in the town.

“Once completed, this new water main will operate parallel with the existing pipeline, making it a very important asset for Sale in terms of securing supply during peak periods as well as encouraging further development in the town, particularly to the north,” he said.

Gippsland Water has been planning for an additional treated water supply pipeline for the Sale community since 2014. About 250 metres of pipeline has already been laid along Cunninghame St as part of initial upgrade works.

“We have notified residents directly along the proposed pipeline of the works, and signage has also been erected in those areas to let the community know what’s happening,” Mr Clark said.

“We will take care to minimise any impact on traffic during the works over the coming weeks, and while there may be some minor traffic disruptions, we will keep our customers and the community informed.

Gippsland Water expects the works to be completed in May.