JANA’s sport medal

JANA Hennig was presented with the State Schools Victoria Academic and Sporting Achievement Medal at the Maffra Primary School Year 6 graduation ceremony.

SSV invites each member primary school to nominate one student for this annual award where the criteria had been met.

This includes sports representation at a state level as well as high academic achievement.

Jana achieved state level on two occasions in school basketball teams and represented the school on three occasions in Gippsland region cross country competitions.

She also made it to the Gippsland regional level in athletics and to the Sale district level in swimming.

School principal Chet Dervish said Jana had displayed excellent leadership skills as a school house captain, after being elected to this role by her peers.

Mr Dervish said Jana had been a conscientious student in all areas of her schooling and never hesitated to offer support to others.

He said she was a very worthy recipient of the 2015 medal and showed great potential for further successes as she enters secondary school.