Students learn fire safety rules

FIRE safety was the focus at Guthridge Primary School, Sale, on Friday.

Students spent the day learning about what to do when a fire broke out, what items to avoid touching and the safe way to extinguish different types of flames.

Sale Fire Brigade fire fighters ran in-class demonstrations, showed students the tools and safety gear in the fire trucks and guided them through a smoke house.

They also ran an evacuation drill in the afternoon.

Students dressed in red for Red Balloon Day to raise money and show recognition for local CFA members.

Teacher Joanne Pitt was instrumental in setting up the day with Fire Safe Kids coordinator Jim McLeod.

Mr McLeod said they ran sessions at kindergartens, primary and secondary schools throughout the district.

He said the intent was to help the children understand where the danger points were in a house.

“We explained two rules never pick up a burning pot and never pour water on it,” he said.

“Depending on age, we go into the science of fires so the kids can build up an understanding.”