Loch Sport sewerage scheme opened

A $40.3 MILLION project to connect Loch Sport to Gippsland Water’s sewerage network was completed on Monday.

The project to connect Loch Sport received more than $9 million in funding from the Victorian Government.

The four year construction by Gippsland Water has enabled more than 2500 properties and lots to be connected to the sewerage network. 

The project enables the replacement of older septic systems which had a history of leaking into the sensitive Gippsland Lakes environment, with a sewerage system. 

The project has had tremendous support from Loch Sport residents, with 97 per cent of the community signing up to the network immediately. 

The high number of connections also reflects the work Gippsland Water has done to inform the community about the benefits of the project, and to engage with them all the way through the planning and construction phases. 

The project will provide added protection for the Gippsland Lakes as it will see water quality improve, thanks to reduced sewage spills from septic systems that were not designed for this type of environment. 

Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water, Lisa Neville, said the community would see economic benefits, and that the project was delivered on time and on budget.

“This is a project that all Victorians can be proud of, protecting the environment, investing in small communities and providing a sustainable outcome for the Gippsland Lakes and future generations,” she said.

Improved infrastructure for the town — such as this new connection to the sewerage network — supports the operation of local businesses, provides better infrastructure for holiday houses and represents a significant investment in the future of Loch Sport.