Petition prompts action on signs

WELLINGTON Shire Council will develop a proposal to lower speed limits on the Longford-Golden Beach Rd, at Longford after receiving a petition instigated by three students.

Council resolved to present VicRoads with a proposal to lower speed limits and install improved signage warning about the presence of wildlife.

It came after council last month received an online petition with 648 ‘signatures’, started by year nine students Sarah Green, Lachlan Ross and Alexandra Hanna. 

The students were seeking to extend the 60 kilometres per hour zone heading into Golden Beach to protect wildlife.

Concerns over the issue have also been raised by locals with council during community meetings.

Council is the co-ordinating authority for four kilometres of Longford-Golden Beach Rd from the intersection of Longford-Loch Sport Rd to Shoreline Drive. 

The first 3.4km has 100kmh speed limit, the next 250 metres is 80kmh, with 60kmh entering the Golden Beach township.

There is a kangaroo warning sign about 2.5km from the Longford-Loch Sport Rd intersection.

While it is the responsible authority for the road, council may only erect or modify speed control signs with the consent of VicRoads. 

Engagement with the state authority to review speed limits has begun.

Councillor Carolyn Crossley while the signs would help reduce the number of collisions with wildlife, motorists had a responsibility to drive to the conditions.

“If it’s dusk or dark, no matter what the sign says, if it’s 100kmh, 80kmh or even 60kmh, that may not be the appropriate speed,” she said.

“We really need the community to take that on board as well.

“Hopefully having the extra wildlife signs, if approved, will also draw people’s awareness to consider other road users in that area.”