Council moves to adopt Longford plan

A PLAN to allow strategic, long-term growth in Longford was formally adopted by Wellington Shire Council.

The plan could lead to higher density development in the centre of Longford.

During a recent meeting, council resolved to adopt Amendment C87 to the Wellington Planning Scheme and forward it to Planning Minister Richard Wynne for approval.

If given ministerial approval, the amendment will lead to the Longford Development Plan being included in the Wellington Planning Scheme and be used to guide the long-term growth of the area.

The plan splits the Longford area into 11 precincts to allow for incremental development.

Wellington Shire mayor Darren McCubbin described the Longford Development Plan as a “go-to reference document for future planning”.

“It will provide formal recognition for what has been a complex, but very worthwhile strategic planning exercise,” he said.

“The plan will ensure future growth of Longford occurs in a co-ordinated way, providing the best possible strategic land use planning outcome for the community.”

Councillor Patrick McIvor said the aim of the amendment was to protect the rural character of Longford, while facilitating sensible development.

“While we may have a grand long-term vision for Longford in having a more intensified core and some rural living round that, there are very real constraints in our way now,” he said.

“Let’s allow for sensible, co-ordinated development now, with a view in the future to have a more intensified town core.”

The establishment of a greater density of housing in the centre of Longford is reliant on the provision of mains water and sewerage.