Pilot suffers spinal injuries

A PILOT has suffered spinal injuries after crashing his motorised hang glider into a paddock at Newry.

The man, aged in his 60s, suffered spinal and chest injuries when the ultralight clipped powerlines and crashed into the paddock near Upper Maffra Rd about 12.45pm.

Witness Brent Dambergs was at the Tinamba Food and Wine Festival when he saw a motorised hang glider flying “dangerously low over the event and around trees and power lines”.

He said he observed it for about 10 minutes and commented to some people regarding the flying activities which, he said, “raised concerns”.

Mr Dambergs said the CFA was then called at 12.45pm to a light plane crash not far from the event.

Ambulance Victoria spokesman John Mullen said the pilot was flown to Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital in a serious but stable condition.

The cause of the crash is being investigated.