Bid for freedom derails

A BID for freedom by two Fulham Correctional Centre prisoners was short-lived.

Chris Lyons, aged 36, and Michael Jarmyn, 31, allegedly escaped from Fulham Correctional Centre on Friday night.

They were last seen at the facility about 6.40pm.

The men were spotted walking along railway tracks in Traralgon just after 9am Saturday morning.

Police were called and chased the men on foot.

One alleged escapee was arrested at 9.08am and the other three minutes later.

The two men reportedly escaped from the correctional facility by climbing over a fence.

The men have been transferred to a Melbourne facility and will face charges.

Operator of the facility, GEO Group Australia, may be fined.

A spokesperson for GEO Group Australia, the company which operates the prison, refused to comment, saying it was a police matter.

Local police and Corrections Victoria are investigating the incident.