Leak remedial works

THE Regional Outfall System pipeline has been repaired south of Rosedale.

Treated wastewater spilled from the pipeline near Willung Rd.

Gippsland Water has removed more than 10 megalitres of treated wastewater and 4ML of rainwater and said no water entered local waterways.

Gippsland Water operations general manager Peter Skeels said a significant amount of work had gone into isolating the leak, repairing the pipe and then returning paddocks to their prior condition.

“We appreciate that the event has caused interest in the local community, but reassure locals that the highly treated waste water posed no harm to human or animal health,” he said.

“The final thing for us is to work with the five local landholders and work with them to ensure the paddocks that were inundated are returned to their prior condition.

“To that end we have engaged agronomist to sample affected properties and obtain data which may lead to further recommendations in respect to remedial works.”

Gippsland Water has been working with the Environment Protection Authority in its investigation of the spill.