Push to grow tourism

A RENEWED push to attract visitors to the region is underway, with a new initiative to help ascertain their satisfaction levels and improve visitor numbers.

Destination Gippsland has developed a range of projects in partnership with Federation University and six local councils to encourage and improve the visitors’ experiences.

The Gippsland Visitor Satisfaction Survey, the Gippsland Tourism Town Excellence Project and the Gippsland Tourism Conference are key projects being implemented by Destination Gippsland in an attempt to attract more tourists.

Destination Gippsland chief executive Terry Robinson said the visitor survey aimed to better understand visitor experiences from a satisfaction and dispersal viewpoint, while the Gippsland Tourism Town Excellence project encouraged Gippsland tourism towns to review and improve the quality of visitor experiences.

In partnership with Federation University’s Churchill campus, Destination Gippsland has helped develop the visitor satisfaction survey.

It will provide data on satisfaction, demographics and dispersal throughout the region.

With help from the six local councils — Wellington, South Gippsland, East Gippsland, Latrobe City, Bass Coast and Baw Baw — the survey will help gain insights into visitors’ experiences and help plan for improvements.

A number of Gippsland towns, through their local business tourism associations, chambers of commerce and local community groups, will participate in the pilot program.

The Gippsland Tourism Towns Excellence Project encourages participating towns to provide excellent visitor service experiences.

They have received resource kits to help businesses to examine customer service and undertake digital and accessibility checks to help improve service.

Towns will be visited by an independent auditor who will assess facilities and services, including customer service.

Once audited, if they achieve the accepted score, these towns will be granted a Gippsland Tourism Town of Excellence Award recognising their efforts.

September’s annual Gippsland Tourism Conference will provide an opportunity for more discussion about the growing tourism in the region.

 The conference will be hosted in Baw Baw Shire Council on September 13 and 14.