Skills and jobs centre opened

FEDERATION Training has officially opened its Skills and Jobs Centre in Sale.

Eastern Victoria MLC Harriet Shing was on hand to cut the ribbon, which will be the first point-of-call for students looking to start training, workers needing to reskill and unemployed workers needing support to re-enter the workforce. 

Federation Training will be the key hub for the Skills and Jobs Centre, ensuring that the centre is tailored to meet the needs of the local community and industries.

The institute will also operate a Skills and Jobs Centre at its Bairnsdale and Warragul campuses.

The Skills and Jobs Centres will have a focus on anyone looking to re-skill into a different industry or job role.

Outgoing Federation Training chief executive Wendy Wood remarked that the centre would be relevant for anyone who wanted a new career.

“We join employers out there in the region with people who are looking for a job, saying ‘employ me, I live here’,” she said.

Ms Shing said it was good to see more funding in Gippsland, instead of Geelong, Ballarat or Bendigo, and the hub would start conversations about opportunities in Gippsland.

“We’re making sure Gippsland has access to resources, and better access to information and face to face support,” she said.

While noting recent struggles with enabling the TAFE’s Fulham campus moving to Sale, Ms Shing was optimistic other technologies and solutions could improve outcomes for students.

A particular focus of the facility will be reskilling workers during the transition away from the coal industry.

Federation Training’s Owen Chapman, at the Warragul office, has experience in reskilling workers from Geelong’s automotive industry, and said the extra state government funding would ensure all of Victoria could find opportunities.

Federation Training received $1 million from the $16 million Skills and Jobs Centre fund, which is helping to create hubs right across the state.