Carrying the rural schools’ torch

AIRLY Primary School’s champions got into the Olympic spirit on a sunny Friday afternoon, by carrying their torch to Cobains Primary School.

The entire school pitched in, with parents and teachers helping to ferry the runners and encourage them on the way.

The initiative is a lead in to the Sale Rural Cluster’s Olympics day to be held at Wurruk Primary School next Monday.

Airly principal Brenda Talbot said the event was great for the schools.

“Nambrok made the torch, they gave it to Bundy, and they gave it to us,” she said.

After taking the torch to Cobains, they will take it to Seaspray Primary, then next week, all the schools will meet at Wurruk.

“The kids are all put into different countries and have activities for the day, so they’ll have to work together on the day to create a mascot, a flag, and elect a flag bearer,” Ms Talbot said.

The five kilometre relay run was a challenge for the students, but with help from Stratford police and a well-decorated motorcade, they arrived to a cheering crowd at Cobains.