Treasures on the beach

ALL sorts of strange creatures can wash up on the 90 Mile Beach.

Parks Victoria’s Summer by the Sea program at Loch Sport was a beachcombing activity, with children discovering tiny bait fish, a crab shell and a sea urchin, while learning about critters that live inside shells, rare hooded plovers and seaweed. They also found pieces of glass made smooth by the waves, and a handful of candles, indicating how humans can affect the environment.

Parks Victoria ranger Dylan Roche said the activities were popular for people of all ages.

“There’s koalas in the region they might not have seen if they weren’t looking up, or life in the sand dunes — hidden worlds they might not have seen before.”

Another Summer by the Sea activity day will run on January 20 at Seaspray, exploring estuaries.

These free activities are being run all along Victoria’s coastline, and include exploring Wilsons Prom and learning about dinosaurs at Inverloch.

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