Driver 138kmh in 80 zone

POLICE are urging drivers to slow through roadworks, after two drivers were caught speeding.

One man lost his licence for 12 months and will face a large fine after being caught driving at 138kmh in an 80kmh zone outside Kilmany, near the Maffra-Rosedale Rd, on Sunday afternoon.

Another man was caught driving at 126kmh in a 60kmh zone at Montgomery, outside Stratford.

People need to pay attention to roadworks speed signs, even if there are no workers around, as there are still hazards.

A probationary driver also lost his licence after being caught by police driving at 146kmh along the Rosedale-Longford Rd on Sunday.

WELLINGTON Highway Patrol officers detected five drink drivers and five drug drivers at the weekend.

During Operation Wilbur, where a booze bus was deployed in Sale, Rosedale and Bairnsdale from Thursday to Sunday, police conducted 3420 preliminary breath tests, and checked more than 4000 number plates.

An unlicensed driver, two disqualified and two suspended drivers were found, and 38 penalty notices were issued, for car defects, lack of seatbelts, and unregistered vehicles.