St Mary’s helping keep five Ugandan kids in school

ST Mary’s Primary School, Maffra, students  handed over $1000 last Friday to One Planet Classrooms.

The money to will help support school children in Uganda.

The Maffra students had crazy hair and donned casual dress, and have been selling cakes and slices to raise money during the past couple of weeks.

The school’s social justice group was excited to spend time with One Planet Classrooms founder and director Kerryn Vaughan, and asked lots of questions about the children in Uganda and what their lives were like. 

Ms Vaughan spoke to them about sponsorship, the difference it could make to children’s lives, and how proud they should be for wanting to make a positive change in the world. 

She then gave an interactive presentation to the entire school, telling them about One Planet Classrooms, how it began and its achievements to date. 

Ms Vaughan also showed pictures and read out the stories of the five children they were sponsoring. 

There were some emotional moments when the children were surprised with a short video of the five sponsored children in Uganda personally thanking them for what they were doing. 

Principal Jason Slattery presented Ms Vaughan with a cheque for $1000 on behalf of the social justice group and the entire school community, who got behind the fundraising activities and donated money. 

The group aims to raise money each year to ensure these five children are able to attend school, have a meal a day and a chance at a much brighter future.

One Planet Classrooms looks forward to continuing to work with St Mary’s and its social justice group and facilitating the pen pal partnerships. 

Ms Vaughan said the children should be commended for their dedication to social justice and making a better world.