Court fines over dog attacks

THE Sale Magistrate’s Court fined two dog owners for separate incidents last Monday.

In one incident, a man’s unleashed dog attacked an old kelpie sitting on a porch in February.

The kelpie required surgery for wounds on its leg and neck.

The man was fined $150 on top of court and vet fees, with an aggregate of $891.

In the other, a man was cycling in Newry with his dog in September last year when two unregistered dogs ran out from a property and attacked it.

His dog was taken to the vet for surgery.

The unregistered dogs’ owner’s lawyer argued the dogs were unchained on the property to protect chickens and calves from foxes, and since they were restrained, the family had lost all its chickens.

The owner was fined an aggregate of $700 for legal and vet fees, without conviction.