Sale cops a spray

A LOOSE pipe spraying water across Foster St in Sale drew some concern on Friday afternoon.

As part of Sale’s $2.8 million water main upgrade, a contractor was flushing the new York St main, with a flexible discharge pipe attached to run water to the stormwater drain.

While it was being flushed, the discharge pipe dislodged, with pressure causing water to spray in the air.

The contractor immediately isolated the main, restrained the discharge pipe, and continued flushing.

A spokesperson from Gippsland Water said at no time was there any danger to the public.

Wellington Shire councillor Scott Rossetti, who caught the pipe on video, said he was concerned it could have affected visibility.

The water main project will replace the 100-year-old pipes along York St, with flushing taking place to make sure pipes are clean and water is suitable for drinking.

The new main is now fully installed, and customers are expected to be connected in the coming weeks.

Reinstatement works in the area will be completed by the end of June.