CFA response times in Sale show some improvement

RESPONSE times to fires in Sale have improved since the last quarter.

For hazard class two incidents, 90 per cent were responded to within 11 minutes and 29 seconds between January and March, a reduction of four seconds from October to December last year.

Crews responded within the target eight minutes 31 per cent of the time, up from 27 per cent last quarter.

There were 13 hazard class two incidents, which are in significant urban areas which are primarily residential including commercial centres, clusters of industrial and/or high density community services like schools, correctional facilities, or hospitals.

The brigade responded a total of 49 incidents in the quarter, though the data does not include road rescue incidents.

District 10 operations manager Allan Rankin said there would always be opportunities for improvement, but he was happy with the response times.

“With the service that’s provided by all our brigades across District 10, they continue to provide a level of service that we’re  comfortable with,” he said.

“They’re all volunteer brigades, and they’re doing the best job they’re able to do under the constraints they deal with — we’re asking them to leave their homes, their businesses, in order to provide that vital community service and they’re doing it to an exceptional standard

“As we’ve pointed out previously, one of the most significant challenges in Sale is the location of the fire station.

“Nevertheless, we’re looking at opportunities to try and get continuous improvements in response times.”

Mr Rankin added it was important for people to check their smoke alarms, chimneys, and other hazards as winter approached.

“People think we’re busier in the summer than in the winter — but we want people to be aware 12 months of the year,” he said.

“As hazards move inside, we need people to be careful, have a plan, and have working smoke alarms.”