Almost $60,000 in fines, costs: Mills

DARGO property owner and former Wellington Shire councillor Keith Mills now owes almost $60,000 in fines and costs after a no-show at Sale Magistrates’ Court.

Mills was due to appear in court on Monday to answer charges relating to his wandering stock, which he previously pleaded guilty to, but was nowhere to be seen.

After he failed to appear at the designated 10am time slot, the court gave him until 11am to appear.

When he still didn’t show, the matter was heard without him.

The presiding magistrate, Louis Hill, found the matters proven, and after a comprehensive summary of previous issues with Mills’ wandering livestock by council’s prosecutor, Mills was convicted on all charges and a fine of $20,000, plus $5400 in costs, imposed.

The court heard Mills was the owner of trespassing livestock in two separate incidents, on Sunday, November 26, last year and on Sunday, January 14, this year, in contravention of previous notices issued to him.

The total amount owning by Mr Mills (fines and costs awarded) is now $59,569.11.