Police to target school crossings locally

WELLINGTON Highway Patrol and Wellington Shire Council are urging motorists to take more care around school crossing zones, following several incidents involving speeding and failing to stop.

Wellington Highway Patrol sergeant Luke Banwell said the school crossing in Raglan St near Guthridge Parade was causing “quite a few concerns”, with some driver behaviour causing significant risk to children and the crossing supervisor.

“Wellington Highway Patrol Units will increase their patrols around this and other school crossings in the district,” he warned.

Two motorists were booked for speeding in the 40kmh zone in Raglan St on Thursday afternoon, receiving $322 fines and three demerits.

Three other drivers are being investigated for failing to stop for the crossing supervisor.

“Impoundment and licence suspension is a real potential for drivers in these areas,” Sgt Banwell said.

He added the current fine for failing to stop at a children’s crossing was $403 and three demerits.