Bengworden Rd crash

POLICE concerns that increased traffic along Bengworden Rd, Perry Bridge, could result in road trauma have been realised, after a collision on Wednesday morning.

About 9.15am, a 57-year-old woman was taken to Latrobe Regional Hospital with non-life threatening internal injuries after a truck ploughed into the rear of her utility vehicle.

The woman was slowing to turn into a driveway. Police are investigating.

Traffic along the road has increased substantially, as people use it as a detour to avoid roadworks on the Princes Highway between Sale and Bairnsdale.

Wellington Highway Patrol Acting Sergeant Daniel Binotto said the accident was disappointing, as police had been specifically patrolling the road in an effort to improve safety.

“It’s these types of collisions we’re hoping to avoid; specifically as the construction of the road is not designed for a high level of high speed traffic,” he said.

The road poses a risk because it is narrower and windier, has large trees close to the roadside, more wildlife and no overtaking lanes.

Since November 1, police have detected 28 people speeding along the road, as well as six other offences, including tailgating and unregistered vehicles.

Last weekend alone, there were four instant losses of license because of a recently introduced increase in excessive speed penalties, with the highest speed detected at 135 kilometres per hour in a 100kmh zone.