Maffra skate park most abused in shire

MAFFRA skate park has been slammed by Wellington Shire Council as the most abused and disrespected of the seven skate parks in the shire.

As reported in the Gippsland Times on Friday, recently the skate park has proved a meeting place for a small number of youths engaging in anti-social behaviour.

Because of rubbish, other users reportedly prefer to travel to Sale to use the skate park facilities or have been discouraged from going to a skate park at all.

In addition to the crude language scrawled on the ground, broken glass, rotten food and dirty clothes were left strewn about the site last week, prompting a clean up from parents before the park was deemed safe for their children to use.

With regular clean ups from council workers and locals, social media has been flooded with calls for CCTV.

Wellington Shire Council general manager of built and natural environment Chris Hastie said the Maffra skate park was purpose-built with design input from local youth, so to see them disrespect it was disappointing.

“Council recently expanded the facility with the addition of a quarter court basketball court to provide additional youth-based activity in the town,” he said.

“Council provides bins at the park for rubbish which are also regularly vandalised.

“Officers are spending far too much time cleaning up the space due to this lack of care, especially in the school holidays.”

Mr Hastie added that overall, Maffra skate park was the most abused and disrespected of the seven skate parks in Wellington Shire.

“This is a real and ongoing cost burden and council finds this situation disappointing and perplexing,” he said.