Crafted pens for Aussie troops

AUSTRALIAN troops in Afghanistan and Iraq will have something heart warming to write home about when they receive a shipment of more than 250 individually crafted  pens from Australia, many of them made by Sale ‘pen artist’ Mik Lawrence.

Mr Lawrence, part of the Gippsland Woodcraft Group, joined pen makers from around the country for the ‘Pen for the Troops’ project to give Australians serving overseas a reminder of home.

Mr Lawrence makes a range of designs. He specialises in unique bullet pens from 308 cartridges, and others featuring intricate patterns sealed in resin.

Others in the Pens for the Troops project made pens distinctive to their areas, including a man from Tasmania who makes pens from Huon pine, and a man from Kalgoorlie who makes them from goldfield timbers.

The pens are due to be delivered around Anzac Day, as a fitting reminder to service personnel that Australians’ thoughts are with them.

Mr Lawrence said he loves his creative pursuit, but also “wanted to give back” to the soldiers putting their lives on the line.

Some of his pens, as well as individually crafted key rings, chalk holders and crochet hook handles, are on display at Cobb & Co Discounts in Raymond St.