Solar-powered factory

STEEL manufacturer Fabpro has entered a new phase, after the opening of a new state of the art cordless factory in Rosedale.

The 12 hectare site showcases the latest in solar energy and battery storage technology, with Fabpro’s factory the first to be built as an industrial hub, which in future will be home to a cluster of eco-friendly factories.

Fabro offers a range of services, including onsite welding, fabrication and custom ute trays.

Fabpro chief development officer Rachel Ripper said the company’s inspiration for the project brewed following the closure of the Hazelwood Power Station in 2017.

“This was a big project that we’ve had in regards to brining more employment to our area and our passion is to really help develop and grow as best we can,” Ms Ripper said.

“This is the start, the first phase of our five phase process in regards to a whole industrial state here [in Rosedale], which will be an eco-industrial hub for the area for farmers and other industries, making things much more accessible for everyone around the area as we prepare new and innovative designs in the regards to steelworks.

“We’re using the elements to help sustain our factory and the plan is to use solar energy as well to inter-run everything.”

Fabro director Dale Brown said machinery within the factory would be driven by clean energy, with the offset power also able to make working conditions more comfortable for employees.

“We have a cantilevered verandah which works with the elements so in summer time its on the right angle to block the whole wall from the sun and in winter time it lets the sun through and radiates the heat through the factory to warm it up,” Mr Brown said.

The factory was officially opened recently by Gippsland MHR Darren Chester.

The federal government provided $100,000 to establish the Huffer’s Lane facility.

“This new factory will enhance Fabpro’s operations and allow it to take on bigger jobs, keeping larger projects in the hands of local businesses,” Mr Chester said.