Police appeal for information following Maffra incident

MAFFRA police are appealing for information relating to two vans, one black and the other white, seen driving around the Maffra township on Wednesday afternoon from 1.30pm.

Police said the vans arrived at the house of a nine-year-old girl, the vehicle’s occupants asking some questions, before the child locked the doors.

The girl’s mother has posted publicly on social media, her daughter was at home ill, and alone for a short time while she picked up her eldest daughter from work.

She said her daughter had told her she opened the door to a man who said he was a friend of her mother’s, but she shut the door on his arm as he tried to push through and grab her.

The girl’s mother said the man had gone to a window at the back of the house and then the back door, continuing to try and convince her daughter to open it.

She said when her daughter shouted that she was calling the police, the offenders fled.

The girls’ mother said her daughter was in tears when she arrived home, traumatised by the incident.

The black van is described as having some writing along the side, while the white van has no distinct characteristics.

People with more information are being urged to phone Maffra police on 5147 1026.