Council supports a ‘truck route’

WELLINGTON Shire Council has voted to formally recognise the Myrtlebank-Fulham, Sale-Heyfield and Myrtlebank Rds connecting to the Princes Highway west and north of Sale as an alternative truck route.

It will also seek a commitment from the state government to fund upgrades to the route to ensure it can deal with the increased heavy traffic.

The council will now write to Roads Minister Jaala Pulford, informing the government of the council’s position, and it’s confirmation that it did not support the formalising of the route as a Sale bypass for purposes other than a truck route.

It will also seek that the government formalise the route as part of the

Victorian Freight Plan, thus ensuring the government’s commitment to upgrading and maintaining the road, and will seek support through agencies like Regional Roads Victoria to ensure appropriate signage, including destination and tourism signage, is placed on the Princes Highway encouraging vehicles other than trucks to continue on the Princes Highway through Sale.

Council will send a copy of the letter to the minister to all state and federal members of parliament who represent Gippsland, as well as the Gippsland Local Government Network, the Latrobe Valley Authority and Committee for Gippsland, seeking their formal support.

At a recent council meeting, Cr Darren McCubbin said it was important to find appealing ways to direct travellers into Sale, to prevent people using the Myrtlebank-Fulham Rd as a general bypass of Sale.

“No matter what we do, people’s Google maps will direct them along the quickest route,” he said.

“Modern devices take people along that road, whether we like it or not.”

Cr McCubbin said travellers could be tempted to continue into Sale and enjoy its attraction.

“Come and see a show, go to the gallery, enjoy this beautiful town,” he said.