Capital works underway

David Braithwaite

THE extension of the main runway at West Sale Airport was been completed as part of $6 million works.

Operations at the airport were restored following the completion of works to extend and asphalt the runway, while airfield lighting was also commissioned.

Grooving of the runway to ensure compliance with Civil Aviation Safety Authority standards was scheduled to happen this month.

Across Wellington Shire to the end of April, 80 council projects for this financial year are at practical completion, 45 more projects are underway and four projects have had contracts awarded. Eleven projects are in the pre-planning stage.

Works began last month at Briagolong Recreation Reserve to redevelop and extend the clubrooms, change facilities and public amenities.

Design tenders have been awarded for changeroom redevelopment projects at Stephenson Park, Sale, and Stratford Recreation Reserve, with schematic design works beginning for the Sale Oval changeroom redevelopment.

The reconstruction of Cansick St, Rosedale, has been completed, while works along Marley St, Sale, are expected to be completed by August.

Works have begun on the new Stacey’s Bridge, near Yarram, and is also expected to be completed by August.

There is a forecast of $4.59 million underspend compared to the 2018-19 adopted budget.

The beginning of a number of projects have been deferred to 2019-20, awaiting approvals from other government authorities, or resourcing of alternative funding.