Loch Sport bowls hopes for new green

THERE’S hope on the horizon after Loch Sport Bowls Club last week approached Wellington Shire Council over its damaged and “unusable” 17-year-old bowling green.

Club secretary Jenny Blair told council’s special draft budget meeting last Tuesday the green desperately needed to be replaced.

The club, which has been fundraising since November 2017, appealed to Wellington Shire Council to support the purchase and installation of a new green.

Ms Blair said the green was so run down the club could not hold fundraising bowls days or gala days using quality bowls, but was instead forced to resort to using old donated bowls “so it didn’t matter if they were damaged by the green”.

She said the club had been doing much to increase its membership, and was a popular recreation facility that had the support of local businesses, holiday makers and residents.

“We are asking that the council favour our request [for support],” Ms Blair told the council.

An application from the Latrobe Valley Authority is progressing through the approvals process, and Loch Sport Bowls Club has asked council for a matching contribution in support of its application to the authority.

The club’s pleas seem not to have fallen on deaf ears, with officers recommending council provide $20,000 towards the project, upon confirmation of a successful Latrobe Valley Authority application and the bowls club raising sufficient money.

If everything falls into place, the club hopes to begin working on the project by August or September this year, with the total cost expected to reach $198,000.

The council’s special draft budget meeting provided an opportunity for community groups seeking council funding to present their cases in a three-minute appeal.

Council will vote on the budget on Tuesday.