Refurbished bikes to bring some Christmas cheer

Liam Durkin

BOISDALE Consolidated School students will bring joy to a number of families this Christmas, with the school donating more than 20 bikes to the Salvation Army.

The bikes have been lovingly restored by the students, who have undertaken their own repairs in the lead up to Christmas.

As part of the initiative, students were each given an old bike that would usually be consigned to the scrap heap, and undertook repairs and alterations to get them back to working order.

Boisdale Consolidated School chaplain Mark Churchill said students had worked once a week for the past eight weeks to complete the task.

“They strip them right down, paint them if they need to, do all the greasing, put all the ball bearings in, make sure everything moves smoothly on the bike and basically just put it all back together,” he said.

“Spare parts come from other bikes that we can get parts off – we have ample bikes so there’s lots of spare parts ….”

Student leaders Seth Johnston, Jarhvis Fitt, Ruby Anderson and Tully Noble led their classmates through the process, which also helped them learn about teamwork, problem solving and mechanical aptitude.

Salvation Army, Sale, community services manager Belinda Alcock praised the generosity of students in helping people their own age.

“We’re really appreciative getting these bikes because there are families who couldn’t ordinarily afford them,” she said.

“It’s going to be a great thrill for kids less fortunate to be able to receive a bike this Christmas.”