A $1500 fine for campfire on Total Fire Ban day

A MAN was fined $1500 for allowing a fire to remain alight during a Total Fire Ban day earlier this month.

The 46-year-old Bairnsdale man had been camping at the Mount Wills Historical and Cultural Features Reserve in east Gippsland since January 2.

Conservation regulator, regulatory operations program manager, Peter Simpson, said the man was found on January 4, a Total Fire Ban day, with a campfire going.

“The man said he did not know it was a Total Fire Ban day and had established a camp two days earlier,” he said.

“If you are camping it’s your responsibility to know what the rules are.

“Campfires are not allowed on days of Total Fire Ban.”

In the Bairnsdale Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, the man was fined without conviction.

Magistrate Kelly made reference to the current Gippsland bushfires when sentencing.

Campfires and solid and liquid fuel barbecues are banned on Total Fire Ban days.