GVC is shutting its doors until further notice

The Gippsland Vehicle Collection and Model World Maffra has closed the doors to the general public until further notice, amid concerns about the increasing spread of COVID-19.

The organisation has postponed its next two events, the Club Plate Day and annual swap meet, with new dates to be announced once large public gatherings can take place safely.

GVC vice-president Peter Quennell said such decisions were difficult, but this one made itself.

“The majority of our volunteers and many of our patrons are part of what are considered to be vulnerable community members when it comes to this illness,” he said.

“We could not have kept our doors open and continued to ask for support from our volunteers or visitors. In terms of our duty of care to them, and as a way of showing them how much we truly do value them, we really had no option but to close the doors for a while.”

Mr Quennell said someone would be available at the GVC office on the first and third Saturday of each month, from 10am to 1pm, to help owners who needed to renew their club plate registration or put a vehicle on club plates.

The GVC’s free camp facilities will remain available to self-contained visitors wanting to use them with the usual 72-hour stay limit, with the dump point continuing to operate.

The current exhibition, Marvels of Maffra, will stay on show until November, when it will change over to the Racers theme, rather than changing over in July as per usual.

“Most importantly, we will still be regularly talking

to our members and followers via our Facebook page and website, and through emails, and working on projects including the guard’s train carriage, which will contribute to a bigger and better GVC and MWM in the future,” Mr Quennell said.

“Until we can reopen safely, we simply ask that everyone takes care of themselves, checks in with each other, and lets us know if they need assistance with anything.”