Street names approved for Stratford subdivisions

David Braithwaite

WELLINGTON Shire Council has approved names for roads in two Stratford subdivisions.

Both names came from council’s list of names related to the Anzacs.

The name ‘Warnock Way’ was approved for a subdivision off Blackburn St and Redback Rd.

This was the third name for the road after council’s place names committee rejected the developer’s two suggestions, as they did not meet naming guidelines. The developer selected Warnock from council’s approved names list.

Councillor Darren McCubbin said Joseph Warnock was decorated while serving in France during World War 1.

“Joseph Warnock apparently has served with distinction in that conflict and is deserving of remembrance,” Cr McCubbin said.

A road in a subdivision at Wyndham St will be called ‘Barton Court’ after Stratford-born Ernie Barton, who died at Gallipoli.

“He actually does not have a grave. He is one of the unknown on the Gallipoli Peninsula,” Cr McCubbin said.

Meanwhile, the spelling of a Sale street has been corrected to reflect proper French grammar.

Rue Grande Monde has been changed to ‘Rue Grand Monde’.

The original plan for the subdivision showed ‘Rue Grand Monde’, but street sign and databases have ‘Rue Grande Monde’.

In December, council’s place names committee moved to write to affected property owners, recommending the spelling change. The change progressed after no objections were received during the prescribed period.

The word ‘monde’ needs a masculine adjective, meaning ‘Grande’ should be ‘Grand’ in the name of the street. Grand monde can mean ‘big world’ or ‘high society’.