Cafés open for caffeine hit

WITH doom and gloom engulfing the hospitality industry in the wake of COVID-19, many cafés, restaurants and pubs in the Wellington Shire have bucked the trend by staying open for business, albeit for take away only and keeping customers at a distance.

Australians face even tougher restrictions on social interactions after the national cabinet meeting held on Tuesday evening.

But on Wednesday morning, just a day after stage two restrictions were announced in the fight against the virus’ spread, Sale’s coffee faithful showed their support for local outlets willing, or able, to offer them solace in the form of a cuppa in a polystyrene (or otherwise) cup.

Matt Raidal and his mother Michelle Ross were pretty busy serving beverages and take away treats to those who dared venture out.

While it’s clearly having an impact even for those establishments that can stay open for take away, it was a glimmer of hope that life goes on.

“We’ve sold a few; it’s been an okay morning,” Michelle said.