Seaspray to Honeysuckles walking track ‘considered’

David Braithwaite

Residents lobby for walking track

WELLINGTON Shire Council will consider allocating money to build a walking track between Seaspray and The Honeysuckles.

Council last week formally received a petition with more than 1000 signatures supporting the project.

Council accepted the petition as a submission for its 2020-21 budget, to be considered during a special meeting on June 9.

Residents have long campaigned for a walking, running and bicycle track to link the two coastal communities.

Seaspray Ratepayers’ Association president and Seaspray Reserve Committee of Management board member Kaylene Wheeler said the petition attracted support from visitors from Germany, France, England and Switzerland.

Ms Wheeler said, as well as improving the connection between the towns, the track would provide a fitness path which would keep people safe from dangerous road traffic along the two kilometre route.

“Foreshore Rd is often a speedway and many tourists, visitors and locals find it unsafe to use, but they do so because it is a good length for walking and bicycles to engage in fitness activities.

“This road has seen two bad accidents in the past two years, and with the town population on the up every summer and holiday, our roadsides are always full of families, children and tourists, either having a stroll or partaking in some serious fitness pursuits,” Ms Wheeler said.

“The topic of a walking track is always fiercely lobbied at our monthly ratepayers’ meetings – now it’s time for the Wellington Shire to listen to us.”

Councillor Garry Stephens said council understood the path had been a long-term request from the community.

“I understand we’ll be doing some work on the costings in relation to this project, and we’ll give some consideration on the way forward at the budget meeting,” he said.