Thinking outside the square

David Braithwaite

LOCAL businesses are continuing to adapt during the coronavirus pandemic.

The latest is Sporting Legends in Sale, which reopened this week with a takeaway menu and a newly-built drive-through collection area.

People can phone their orders in, and receive a text message to alert them when the food is ready to collect.

Along with bistro favourites such as chicken parma and scotch fillet, the menu will also include burgers, chips, pizza and pies, while the venue is open for breakfast.

Reopening Sporting Legends has allowed 21 staff to resume work.

Chief executive Ken Bailey said the restrictions imposed on the community to combat COVID-19 had allowed businesses to pause and consider ways to change.

“It’s the first time ever I’ve seen where your business stops, and you sit and think about where you’re going with the business,” he said.

“I can see that the way we do business is going to change.”

Among the additions fast-tracked at Sporting Legends has been a bakery.

“Going forward, we will be doing extensions and having bakery as part of the full-blown makeover,” Mr Bailey said.

“That was our long-term goal, but this has brought it forward because we’ve had time to educate our staff.”

The staff were excited with the changes, Mr Bailey said.

“They come into work and say ‘we can do this, we can do that’,” he said.

“It’s amazing how it can regenerate.

“It’s like a brand new establishment that you’re starting.”

“It’s been a real mind-opening thing, I reckon for everyone.

“You talk to people – they’re all thinking differently and probably had a bit more positivity.”

Mr Bailey said the attitude reflected a change of perspective in the community.

“It puts life back into reality – how lucky we are (to have a job),” he said.