Road and street works in Longford, Port Albert, Maffra, Stratford, Sale

David Braithwaite

A LONGFORD road will be sealed after Wellington Shire Council elected to proceed with a special charge scheme.

The owners of 33 properties along Boggy Creek Rd will contribute a total of $115,308. Council will pay for the remainder of the $316,400 scheme.

The 800 metre stretch of road between Rosedale-Longford and Abels Rd is currently unsealed, with irregular table drains.

The road will be sealed to a 6.2 metre width, with barrier kerb installed, while surface drainage and storm water management will be improved.

The works will reduce the need for council maintenance, and lead to a reduction of dust.

Property owners, some whom have raised concerns relating to maintenance grading, had been in consultation before council’s decision on the scheme.

In a survey, 26 of 33 property owners supported the scheme, with two opposing and five not replying.

Council received one written objection, concerned by hardship and inability to make payments, also claiming the road upgrade was not a priority. Where ratepayers can demonstrate significant financial hardship, council may vary payment arrangements.

Meanwhile, council will advertise its intention to declare special charge schemes in Maffra and Port Albert. It will be the final chance for property owners to object.

Council plans to seal unsealed roads across the Port Albert township.

The proposed works would affect 256 properties, of which the owners of 162 supported the scheme in a survey.

Works will cost $2.8 million, with owners paying $912,600 and council the remainder.

Cooper Crescent, Maffra, is the subject of another proposed scheme.

The 100m-long court north of Princess St is illformed and has unsealed gravel pavement, and has drainage problems.

The proposed works will seal the road to 7.3m in width, and include kerbs, footpaths and underground drainage.

If the $185,000 scheme goes ahead, owners of nine properties in the court will pay $54,000 in total.

Council’s contributions for each of the scheme will come from its share of Roads to Recovery funding from the federal government.

During the previous meeting, council confirmed its intention to declare schemes to upgrade Lloyd and McMillan Sts, Stratford, and Guthridge Parade, Sale, south of the Montgomery St intersection.