No active cases in Gippsland

THERE were 1567 cases of coronavirus across Victoria – six more than Sunday – when the Gippsland Times went to print Monday morning.

The latest information revealed there were 108 active cases across the state, and no active cases in Gippsland.

There were 11 people in hospital, including seven patients in intensive care.

To date, 18 people had died from coronavirus in Victoria.

The total number of cases currently linked to the outbreak at Cedar Meats is now 99.

The site will reopen today after a two-week closure, with limited operations.

Eleven cases have been linked to the McDonald’s Fawkner outbreak.

Premier Daniel Andrews reminded people that they should continue to follow the current social distancing rules and hygiene practices, as “we only want to do this once”.

“We don’t want a situation like other countries where we let too many rules off too quickly, and then perhaps communities didn’t take things quite as seriously as they should, and then of course they’ve had to go into even harder lockdowns,” he said.

“That is the worst outcome, short of this getting away from us, as we’ve seen in other parts of the world as well.

“Being compliant, doing the right thing, using common sense, following the rules is very, very important now, as much as ever – in some ways even more so, as we see more and more activity, more and more parts of the economy and the community open up.”

Mr Andrews thanked those who’d had themselves tested for COVID-19.

“The more testing we do – even with very mild symptoms – the more options we have to ease off restrictions,” he said.

More than 338,000 tests have been processed.

Mr Andrews reminded people that those who could work from home must still work from home, adding people returning to offices when they didn’t need to, and therefore unnecessarily increasing transmission risk, was one of the Chief Health Officer’s greatest concerns.

“I apologise for any inconvenience that causes people, but it is very, very important that we don’t simply go back to normal,” he said.

“That is exactly the wrong thing to do – to assume this virus is gone. It isn’t,and we just have to stay the course on this.”