Brumby cull challenge ‘on the ground’

Liz Bell

THE mountain cattleman challenging Parks Victoria’s decision to shoot brumbies in Victoria’s High Country says he is making plans to oppose shooters “on the ground” if a planned cull goes ahead on June 12.

The Supreme Court ruled on Friday that Parks Victoria’s planned shooting of feral horses in the eastern Alps could go ahead, and rejected arguments that the state government had not consulted with the community about ground shooting.

Justice Moore said Parks Victoria was not required to consult with the community about the cull.

But on Sunday, Omeo cattleman Phil Maguire confirmed he would appeal the decision, and continue to pursue litigation to stop the horses from being shot.

He will also make another trip this week to bring some of the Bogong brumbies back to safe areas, in a bid to protect them.

If the shooting proceeds, he will “oppose them on the ground”, he said.

Parks Victoria maintains the feral horses in the high plains are causing the destruction of the fragile alpine environment.