Woodside street name deliberation continues

David Braithwaite

THE naming of sections of a Woodside street has yet to be sorted.

Earl St, Woodside, had inconsistent street numbering and was broken up into three non-continuous sections.

In 2016, Wellington Shire Council’s place names committee wrote to the Yarram Historical Society, Woodside Cemetery Trust and Woodside Primary School, asking for road names with a connection to the Woodside area.

After considering the options, the committee in 2017 moved that the Earl St name remain for the street east of High St to Queen St, with the section west of High St to become Buntine Rd, after a prominent settler family. Angnes Buntine gave birth to what was believed to be the first white child born in Gippsland.

The section of Earl St north of Victoria St would become Lear Lane after Eric Lane, who died in France during World War 1 and is commemorated on the Won Wron State School honour role.

Owners of all properties accessing these sections of road were advised of the proposal, with council receiving only one objection relating to issues with the identification of the streets, changes of addresses, and the Buntine name being more connected with Rosedale and Walhalla.

Council applied for the name changes to the Geographic Names Victoria in 2018, but an appeal was lodged against the move.

Last year, council reaffirmed the decision to name part of the road Buntine Rd.

Geographic Names Victoria then raised an issue with a road with a similar sounding name 25 kilometres away, Bunting Track, Blackwarry.

Roads with similar names are avoided because they can be a risk to public safety, making it difficult for emergency services to find properties.

In February, the place names committee moved to ask Woodside Primary School students or school council to suggest names to add to the approved road names register for the Woodside area.

Council approved the name Davidson Rd for the second stage of a subdivision at Hobson St, Stratford.

The name was chosen by the developer from a list of approved road names for the town.

The naming of a road off Swans Rd, Munro, to Gum Tree Grove was made official by the Geographic Names Victoria last month.

A request made to call the unnamed government road Schmitt Rd was knocked back because it sounded like Smith St, which is in nearby Briagolong.

From a list of approved names for the area, the proponent selected Gum Tree Rd, as there is a gum tree along the road, and Gum Tree Grove was eventually agreed upon.

With objections of affected land owners, the name was registered with Geographic Names Victoria.