Sale and Stratford street schemes declared

David Braithwaite

WELLINGTON Shire Council has declared special charge street construction schemes to rebuild two sections of road in Sale and Stratford.

The schemes will involve property owners contributing a portion of the projects’ costs.

Works on the final section of Guthridge Parade, Sale, will go ahead.

The 450 metre stretch of road south of Montgomery St has an undulating formed and sealed pavement with irregular table drains. The sealed width varies from 5.5 to six metres.

Property owners in the area have been concerned about road and shoulder maintenance and drainage.

The $902,000 works will result in the construction and sealing of the road to an 11m width, plus kerb and channelling, and improved drainage and stormwater management.

Property owners to will contribute $36,000, with council paying for the remainder.

Guthridge Parade is a “collector road”, and provides the main entry and exit points into Stephenson Park.

Improvements to the two entry points may be undertaken while the road is being upgraded.

During consultation with the owners, council officers were alerted to a financial contribution from Sale City Council in 1991 for the construction cost of kerb and channelling and roadworks for some properties.

This contribution was paid as a requirement of a planning permit for a subdivision involving four lots.

As a result, these four properties have been excluded from the latest scheme.

Five of the six properties included in the scheme supported it proceeding.

McMillan St, Stratford, will be upgraded east of Davis St, as well as a small section of Scott St.

The 310m section of road is unsealed, about 6m wide, and has irregular table drains.

There were ongoing concerns from property owners about the maintenance of the road.

Owners will pay $60,000 of the $685,000 upgrade, which will result in the road sealed to a 7.3m width, with kerb and channelling, and improved drainage and stormwater management.

Benefits of the works will include a reduction in dust, enhancement of amenity and improved surface.

In a survey of property owners late last year, seven of the 10 were in favour of the scheme, and two opposed.

Support was needed from at least six owners for the scheme to go ahead.

After council announced its intention to declare the schemes, no objections were received.

Council’s contribution for both schemes will come from federal government Roads to Recovery funding.