Wellington records three new cases as numbers trend down statewide

AT the time the Gippsland Times went to print Monday morning, there were three active cases of COVID-19 recorded as being in Wellington Shire.

One case, which first appeared in the Department of Health statistics last Wednesday, has been attributed to the postcode 3851 which covers the areas of Airly, Bundalaguah, Clydebank, Cobains, Darriman, Dutson, Dutson Downs, Flamingo Beach, Fulham, Giffard, Giffard West, Glomar Beach, Golden Beach, Kilmany, Lake Wellington, Loch Sport, Longford, Montgomery, Myrtlebank, Paradise Beach, Pearsondale, Seacombe, Seaspray, Somerton Park, Stradbroke, The Heart, and The Honeysuckles.

The second case, reported on Thursday, was attributed to the postcode 3860, which covers Boisdale, Briagolong, Bushy Park, Coongulla, Koorool, Maffra, Monomak, Moroka, Nap Nap Marra, Riverslea, Toolome, Valencia Creek, Woolenook, Wrathung and Wrixon.

The final case, which was included in Friday’s statistics, was attributed to the 3862 postcode, which stretches from Dargo to Stratford and Meerlieu.

This brings the total (active and non-active) cases in Wellington Shire to 17 since the pandemic began.

Local authorities have urged people not to panic about COVID-19 being active again in the Wellington Shire after months of recording no cases, and is urging people to continue to follow social distancing and hand hygiene rules. People should continue to get tested if they display even the mildest of symptoms.

Despite the increase in Wellington Shire, across the state, overall numbers are finally trending down, despite some daily increases.

Latrobe’s active case number is slowly decreasing, and was at 11 at the time of print.

Baw Baw, Bass Coast and East Gippsland have one active case each recorded.

In South Gippsland, there were no active cases at the time of print.

More broadly, there were 116 new cases recorded on Monday, bringing the state’s number of active cases to 4209, and the total number of Victorian cases to 18,347 since the pandemic began.

Monday’s figure was the lowest daily increase in cases since July 5, when 74 were confirmed.

The seven-day average was 195, the first time it’s been below 200 since July 12.

There were 15 new deaths from COVID-19 reported on Monday.

A total 430 people had died from coronavirus in Victoria at the time of print. This brings the COVID-19 death toll in Australia to more than 500.

On Saturday, Premier Daniel Andrews said despite promising new signs, the world was still without a coronavirus vaccine.

“The truth is that even with case numbers coming down, without a vaccine, this isn’t over,” he said.

“But with small, simple steps we can keep ourselves and each other safe – now and into the future.

“Keeping a hold on this wickedly infectious virus will take all of our efforts.”

A LOCAL family believes it is being unfairly targeted by an interactive COVID-19 case map, which unfortunately drops a pin directly on their Three Chain Rd, Maffra, house, indicating a positive case.

Following speculation within the community, the family would like to publicly clarify there is not a positive COVID-19 case on their property, and that the map is not a direct indication of where the case exists.

The family said it had been shared on a local Facebook page.