Central Ward candidates

The Central Ward includes Sale, Longford, Stradbroke, Airly, Myrtlebank and Meerlieu.

Ballot packs to be sent out this week

Coastal Ward candidates

Northern Ward candidates

I CAME to Sale in 1955 and I attended 545 and Sale High.

In 1973 I joined Victoria Police. I worked in Melbourne for 32 years, seeing duty in CIB, community policing, operations and training.

As women’s liaison officer, I prepared documents for the chief commissioner on issues such as ‘Breaking the Glass Ceiling’ and ‘A Gender Agenda’.

This document was later used as a blueprint for diversity throughout Victoria Police.

I represented Victoria Police at three international conferences, in Leeds, Atlanta and Seattle.

I was in charge of state-wide Neighbourhood Watch and Crime Prevention.

A move to Sale allowed me to reconnect with people in my home town.

A group of women from the Bairnsdale Aboriginal community worked with me to develop a strategy called ‘You Can’t Beat a Woman’, which was a targeted anti-violence strategy.

In 2008 I was awarded the Australian Police Medal.

I took early retirement in 2009 and returned to Sale.

I have always been an advocate for the underprivileged, those who don’t feel they have a voice, minority groups and new arrivals.

I love working with people, and I will give my pledge that I will work hard for all of you in Central Ward.

BRINGING experience, commitment, integrity and caring, I will represent you on council.

I promote and support listening to the community, being accessible to you and ensuring balanced and sensible decisions are made by council that will benefit our community.

I have 15 years of experience as a councillor where I have represented views of residents, sporting clubs, local business and the community on many issues.

I have held leadership roles in the local community, including past president of the Rotary Club of Sale and Sale City Football-Netball Club.

My wife Rachel and I live in Sale. We have two adult children and three grandchildren. I served for more than 30 years in the Air Force and am currently employed at the heliport as a safety manager.

Throughout my life I have tried to have a positive influence on those I work with, and believe that working together there is so much that can be achieved.

I appreciate the wide range of diversity and skills that we have within our community.

Help me to ensure you are properly represented on council.

I’M running for council because I want to help shape a new and exciting future for our community in a way that leaves no-one behind.

As a young woman who grew up in a low-income single-parent household in Sale, I know how much potential our area has, and can bring my fresh perspective and experience as a former Wellington Shire youth councillor to the issues that are affecting our community, from climate change to financial insecurity.

If elected, I would advocate for action on climate change and protecting our biodiversity; support for the socio-economically disadvantaged in our community, and the creation of a reconciliation action plan for the Wellington Shire.

I believe farmers hold the key to climate change mitigation in our area, and so council could offer additional municipal rates discounts to farmers engaged in regenerative agriculture.

I’m running as a Greens-endorsed candidate because the party’s four pillars – environmental sustainability, grassroots democracy, peace and non-violence and social and economic justice – all reflect my values and my lived experience.

I would be proud to serve as your councillor, and look forward to working with the community to ensure everyone can thrive.

HAVING lived in Sale my entire life, creating new jobs and putting locals first is my passion.

Our shire has some exciting construction projects planned for our region, however, projects that are constructed in the shire need to employ more locals so money can be reinvested into our area.

With 31 years’ experience as an accountant dealing with local business, I know first-hand how important small business is to our community.

Married for 20 years, Rachael and I have two beautiful girls, aged 17 and 15. Wellington Shire is a great place to live and raise children, and I want to ensure an even brighter future for generations to come.

I strongly support improved sports facilities and never lose sight of keeping community sport affordable, accessible and inclusive.

Our shire has a diverse landscape, from the beautiful surroundings of the High Country, through to the lakes and ocean beaches.

I will work to create more opportunities in growing tourism and getting more people from outside our area to come and visit our hidden treasures.

I recognise the work of volunteers and the need to support them, as they are vital to maintaining our community spirit.

I continue to be involved in many organisations and sporting clubs and am always prepared to give back to the community that has given so much to me for many years.

It has been my privilege to be an active councillor over the past four years, and if re-elected, I will use my experience to help our shire grow and prosper.

IT has been a tremendous honour to be in a stable council delivering the Wellington Centre with the new Sale Library and art gallery, building the Sale Livestock Exchange, Aqua Energy, re-scoping the botanical gardens and new pathways to Wurruk, Longford and the Glebe estate.

We have also successfully advocated for the RAAF Base development and encouraged renewable industries that will deliver new jobs.

We can build back our civic life, encourage business growth, push the TAFE redevelopment and advocate for Sale College being under one campus.

Community service is very important.

I volunteer on the board of the Sale Elderly Citizens Village, Gippsland Regional Arts, Sale Theatre Company and am chairman of the Gippsland Climate Change Network and Community Power Hub.

Directing Jesus Christ Superstar for the Sale Theatre Company, coordinating the Sunday Silver Series for Gippsland Regional Arts and the weekly trivia challenge for The Wedge are some of the creative ways we can energise our community spirit in the challenging days ahead.

We live in a wonderful community, and it has been a privilege to listen and act on your concerns. With your support, I will continue to be your loud voice on council.

BORN and raised in Wellington Shire, my interests have always been in helping to develop the prosperity and welfare of the shire.

I have gained valuable experience through my involvement with a number of different boards and committees, including school and TAFE boards, bowls clubs, the Committee for Wellington and Rotary.

With my three terms as mayor, and twice chairman of the Gippsland Local Government Network, I have acquired a depth of knowledge, enabling me to better serve the people of Wellington.

I have learned so much from the people I have worked with in local government, but my greatest experience has come from my engagement with our wonderful local community.

The simple act of listening carefully to constituents’ concerns and ambitions has empowered me to consistently bring sensible thinking with real outcomes to council.

I am lucky enough to have a diverse professional and tertiary education, while keeping up my trade qualification as an electrician. This keeps me grounded, but also helps me to understand the complexities of Wellington Shire.

My experience in running a successful business provides me with a track record which underpins my eligibility to become a useful and valuable councillor.

My leadership in achieving a zero per cent rate rise is evidence of the value I believe I can add.

I will always put the Wellington community first through listening, hard work and passion for positive outcomes, and I hope to be able to continue this work if elected.

WITH members of Team Welly 2020, I will advocate for Sale College to be consolidated close to the proposed TAFE campus at the Port of Sale, not out in the middle of a paddock on the edge of town.

This will provide our students with opportunities that no other site can provide.

They will be able to engage in water sports like rowing, and may access the other recreational and sporting facilities easily. They will also have access to Sale Library, the art gallery, state-of-the-art theatres, and the central business district; where there is a lot to be discovered, and a lot to be learned.

Locating the school here will send a strong message to our children – we value education highly. It will also tell them that we value them, and that we value their future, the future of this region.

It will also advance our vision of revitalising the town centre, with a twice-weekly open market for affordable locally grown, and locally produced goods.

Together with the port redevelopment, it will create a vibrant focal point for social life in the area, and for promoting our aim for a self-reliant Wellington.

I BELIEVE together we can make the Wellington Shire become one of Gippsland’s most attractive places to live, work, study, and invest by cutting unnecessary red and green tape, increasing productivity, and reducing constraints on development.

I moved to the area with my RAAF husband Graham and our three children in 1994, shortly afterwards making Longford our permanent home.

I’ve passionately served our community, including 12 years in Wellington Shire’s Library Service, and writing local history book, Glimpses of Longford, so our rich history would not be lost.

My vision includes working to build connected communities, by advocating to help local community networks and individuls thrive, so this can become a place where everyone finds purpose and belonging.

I’m also mindful of our aging population, with nearly 60 per cent of residents aged over 55, so I’d like to see improved road safety around York St and the CBD, by exploring construction of a mobility scooter track to provide greater safety and freedom of movement for all.

I’d like the opportunity to advocate for homeless people and mental health by exploring more low cost housing, and using existing council-owned buildings.

When elected, I’ll advocate for certainty for the future of the people in our shire, to develop and increase job and study opportunities, re-visiting the TAFE relocation commitment, and supporting and growing our state timber industry.

My husband and I also serve as pastors of Kingsway, providing various community services including foodbank, mothers’ group and parenting, budgeting, and marriage classes.

I totally believe in pursuing truth to make informed decisions, and have learned to listen well.

MY decision to stand for council has been driven by a desire to rebuild business and investment in Wellington post-COVID.

I seek to see our main streets filled with retailers and service providers, alongside our vital farmland enterprises focused in delivering top class products and services to our community while providing more jobs for all.

I will fight to foster quality residential aged care and community-based home care through social engagement and access to safe public spaces and services.

I will enable more inclusiveness for women and minority groups in governance boards and committees within Wellington Shire and improve council connections to our minority communities, such as First Nations people, multicultural communities, the aged community, LGBTIQ community and our young people.

I am a member of the Wellington Gender Equity and Violence Prevention Partnership, committee member of Wurruk Community House, treasurer of the Friends of the Gippsland Gallery and a member of the Central Gippsland Health LGBTIQ community reference group.

I have achieved post graduate qualifications in public sector management, am passionate about implementing and developing policies that incorporate professional medical and scientific advice as we rebuild our Wellington regional lifestyle towards an environmentally sustainable future.