Coastal Ward candidates

The Coastal Ward includes Yarram, Woodside, Seaspray, Loch Sport and Gormandale.

Ballot packs to be sent out this week

Central Ward candidates

Northern Ward candidates

I HAVE been a business owner in Yarram and have been a home owner in Port Albert for more than 12 years.

I will be treating this position as representing the whole of the coastal areas from Loch Sport to Port Albert.

I will be visiting and communicating with representatives from all of these communities on a regular basis and working with the people on solutions to the issues of their respective area.

The issues I am aware of are planning, zoning, accommodation, rubbish and drainage as we are experiencing intense growth in these communities that requires serious attention.

I am approachable and have an open door policy to constituents, and will be putting my best foot forward for these communities.

BEING a reasonable voice around the table and advocating for the community is what I would like to continue doing.

Ensuring that the community is able to be heard and their viewpoint considered is what matters.

In a ‘COVID normal’ world going forward, we need to be considered, brave and supportive in our decision making.

The current impact already to families, businesses and communities is vast and needs strong leadership and confidence going forward.

Living in Gippsland for the past 15 years has allowed me to be a community member who feels connected. This is what makes our region so special and so important in our COVID recovery.

I will work hard to ensure that the Wellington Shire continues to be a great place to live, work and play and that communities in the region feel that they have a voice.

IT has been a privilege to represent the voters of the Coastal Ward for the past four years.

I am proud of the work that I have done for local residents.

I have received more than 400 requests for assistance and have had excellent results in getting a positive outcome for local people.

I have advocated for the heating of the Yarram pool and am pleased funding has been received for the project.

This project is just about completed.

I have advocated for the completion of the Great Southern Rail Trail between Alberton and Welshpool – this will be an important project going forward.

Several special charge schemes have been completed or are about to begin in the Coastal Ward. The current council policy to support such schemes make them attractive for residents.

I have also supported projects for the Gormandale and Woodside recreation reserves. The lights have been installed at Gormandale and the funding is now available for the building extension at Woodside.

I have advocated for work on the main carpark at Golden Beach and for footpath works in the same area.

I am aware of erosion issues at Loch Sport and the need for the state government to take action on this matter.

While on council, I have continued to serve the community on various groups. I believe my record of service shows my strong commitment to the community.

THIS coming election of councillors will be the most critical in the Shire of Wellington’s history.

The community will look to and rely on its elected councillors to set a path of self-reliance now and beyond 2024.

More than ever, both the council and councillors will need to be part of Wellington in its thinking and be the conduit to come out of this pandemic and recession in a healthy and prosperous era for all, and importantly our children.

Council and councillors need to be tuned into the requirements of the community.

We must communicate the vision of council by regular quarterly communication – we need our community to be engaged on the journey and we must listen and respond.

We must be a ‘can-do council’, review existing and delayed infrastructure programs, help our farmers and small business entrepreneurs to sell their products through a cooperative, lobby to relocate government departments, review unprofitable third party contracts, lobby universities to set up campuses plus much more.

Council must reach out to our communities, listen to their needs and wishes and come up with solutions to ‘make it happen’. It’s time for positive change, positive thinking and to reconnect with our Wellington.