Northern Ward candidates

The Northern Ward includes Maffra, Stratford, Rosedale, Heyfield, Briagolong, Dargo and Fulham.

Ballot packs to be sent out this week

Central Ward candidates

Coastal Ward candidates

A WIDOWER, I have spent the past 20 years dedicating my life to my family and the Wellington community.

I am Wellington’s longest serving councillor. I also represent our community on state and federal committees and Gippsland on the board of local government.

Over the years with various colleagues, I have seen our sporting facilities upgraded, our streetscapes improved, public toilets more user friendly, swimming pools modernised, rural roads upgraded, libraries more modern, and saleyards upgraded – plus much more – to make our shire vibrant and meaningful.

Our parks, gardens and playgrounds are something to be proud of. All these projects assist in maintaining the value of your assets.

My goals for the future include the delivery of an all-abilities water play park, protecting our industry, ensuring strong recovery post-COVID-19, zoning appropriate land growth, advocating for small town sewerage schemes, strongly promoting our tourism strengths, recovery of festivals, seeking government funding to assist with infrastructure, working to ensure our farming industries are not disadvantaged by city-centric thinking, having council revisit town communities to discuss their needs and continuing to represent us at state and national level.

If delegated, I would love to be your councillor once more.

AS a former mayor, I believe now is the time for experienced leadership.

The community needs to know, with confidence, that their council can lead them through this unprecedented crisis.

After serving as a councillor since 2012, including three years as mayor, I believe I have proven my ability to work effectively within council, leading to positive community outcomes for the Northern Ward and the broader Wellington Shire.

Residents are under stress from events caused by extreme weather conditions and the health and economic challenges of COVID-19. As a member of the committee that is co-ordinating the council’s response to the pandemic, I am totally focused on addressing both the current acute needs, and the planning for stimulating recovery and optimising opportunities.

With family connections to early settlers in Rosedale from the 1870s and living in Cowwarr for more than 27 years, I have a great affinity with the Northern Ward.

I have always spoken for the smaller communities and have fought for the equitable distribution of council funds.

It has been a privilege to represent the Northern Ward in the past, and it would be an honour to represent the Northern Ward in the next council.

AS a local I was born and grew up on a dairy farm in Kilmany.

My early farm life, followed by the family business, Stratford newsagency, has given me an appreciation of the challenges of our farmers and businesses within our towns.

I am married to Sue and we have two adult children, Jessica and Jack, who live locally with their families.

I am keen to represent the local community and will ensure council plans for a prosperous future for my children and grandchildren.

I have had a strong community connection through a lifelong involvement in the local community, sport and as council manager of built environment.

I appreciate the importance of sport in the community and council’s role to provide facilities that allow our sports to prosper. Our clubs are essential to ongoing community activity and I will advocate for the shire to support clubs and associations to ensure facilities are inclusive, affordable, fun and encouraged for all residents young and old.

I will work with council to ensure clubs, community sports, libraries, parks and pools are there for my grandchildren.

Council needs to play a key role in planning and attracting funding for future facility development.

As manager, I led planning for CBD upgrades in Rosedale, Stratford, Heyfield and Maffra, which resulted in a great sense of community pride for each township.

I will advocate for continued investment in infrastructure including roads, town entries, parks and footpaths.

We definitely need to improve paths to give our community every opportunity to get active.

I will advocate for local purchasing in contracts and operations.

Council needs to spend with local business and contractors were possible to ensure future jobs for locals.

WELLINGTON Shire was established a quarter of a century ago – following the amalgamation of several small shires – yet it has yet to fully realise itself, in terms of outlook and potential.

The time has come to stand up: to become Wellington.

What does becoming Wellington look like?

Becoming Wellington entails taking stock of our vast agricultural and natural resources; our valued human resources; our insights; our ideas; our aspirations; our innovative thinking; and employing all of these creatively and responsibly, to deliver the very best quality of life possible, for everyone living in this beautiful and inspiring region.

Becoming Wellington means becoming self-reliant: for food production; for cultural enrichment; for innovative agricultural initiatives; for employment opportunities; for local holiday destinations; for high-quality health services; for recreation; for better performing schools; for excellence in the arts; for nurturing agricultural and food production enterprises; and for clearly and strongly advocating for the people of Wellington, to our state and federal governments.

Council has an indispensable role to play, as the eyes and ears – and perhaps, at times – the brains, of the state and federal governments.

By working productively with fellow Team Welly 2020 members, and other councillors, we can succeed.

I AM retired and live in Stratford, and have taken on the councillor position with gusto.

Voting in the chamber must always consider what fits with the community and regulations.

I am keen to continue on council in order to lobby for a brighter future for Wellington Shire, especially the Northern Ward, taking into account COVID-19 issues.

I want to continue having input into our budget which affects roads, rates and rubbish, jobs for locals, and especially our youth, and will lobby for any shortfalls in services.

I want to find the right mix for all our community, no matter what age group, whether on the land or a business in town.

You are all important and valued.

I would like you to vote for me because I come with fresh ideas, using a commonsense approach. I show enthusiasm, along with being generous of my time, and am always happy to speak face-to-face with the community on council matters. I also spend time talking with businesses and the general community while shopping locally on a daily basis.