Drilling to secure Briagolong’s water supply

Liz Bell

AN observation bore has been drilled at the Briagolong Water Treatment Plant, in a bid to find a long-term reliable water source for the Briagolong community.

The Briagolong reticulated town water supply system gets its water solely from two shallow bores in the Wa De Lock Aquifer, north of the town.

Historically the aquifer has been a reliable source of water.

However, in January and February 2020, Briagolong was placed under stage two water restrictions, following three years of drought.

Following community consultation in 2019-20 undertaken by Gippsland Water, residents confirmed a preference for a new and deeper bore targeting a lower aquifer as a more reliable water source.

The results from the investigations are expected by July this year, and will give an indication as to whether the location is suitable for providing a long-term reliable water source of the Briagolong community.

Briagolong residents can attend Gippsland Water’s online event next Tuesday, February 23, from 12.30pm to learn more about the water outlook for the region and plans to ensure water availability for the future.

The event will explain how issues such as climate change and population growth put pressure on water systems in the region, and there will be opportunities to ask questions.

For more information and to register for the event, visit www.gippswater.com.au/water-outlook-community-event.

For more information about the Briagolong observation bore, visit www.gippswater.com.au/briagolong-outlook.