Swan death prompts calls for signs on the Loch Sport causeway

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THE death of a black swan on the Stockyard Hill Causeway at Loch Sport has horrified local residents, who are calling for signs warning motorists to slow down in the vicinity of the birds.
The swan was struck and killed by a vehicle on the morning of June 4 some time just before 10.30am.
The recent rains have brought a welcome return of dozens of swans to the area, and they are a much-loved part of the Loch Sport natural environment.
A man who found the dead swan said whoever hit the bird had callously left it in the middle of the road.
“They would have to have known they hit it and just left it on the road,” he said.
“The body was still warm so could have only been there a few minutes.”
A resident who also saw the deceased bird said signs were needed to warn drivers of their presence and to drive more slowly across the causeway.
She said it was tragic to see the dead swan, as swans paired for life and its partner would
be mourning.
Black swans can live for up to 40 years. Some people have called for the community to take matters in its own hands and erect signs for the causeway before other swans were killed.
Wellington Shire Council, which is the authority responsible for the causeway, was contacted for comment.