Fines issued following gathering of protesters in Heyfield

POLICE are continuing their enquiries to track down people who attended a lockdown protest in Heyfield last Sunday, July 18.
About 20 lockdown protesters gathered in breach of health directions, on the same day a woman infectious with COVID-19 visited the town.
Police said all of the men and women who took part were from the Wellington area.
Police said they saw the group gathering in a park and spoke to a male, as the rest of the group dispersed.
Police issued the organiser with a $1652 fine, and five people so far have received penalty notices for breaching the Chief Health Officer’s directions.
The Timberline General Store in Heyfield, which became an exposure site after the infected woman visited, has been cleared and is now open again.
Last Wednesday and Thursday, police from Maffra, Briagolong, Stratford, Heyfield, Rosedale and Wellington Highway Patrol conducted an automatic number-plate recognition operation in the Stratford and Rosedale areas, focussing on road policing and traffic offences and COVID restrictions compliance.
During the two days of the operation, about 2000 vehicles were checked and a small number of offences detected.
Offences detected included drug driving, unlicensed driving, driving while suspended and driving an unregistered vehicle.
Police reported they were generally pleased with the behaviour of motorists, not only in relation to behaviour on the roads, but also compliance with the current restrictions.