More data collected by local government area

The vaccine rollout at local aged care facility Wilson Lodge, Sale, in March.

PLANS are underway to coordinate the collection of updated COVID-19 vaccination statistics from across the country to provide a clearer snapshot of how local government areas are faring in the vaccination race.
Australia’s vaccine rollout began in late February, and thousands of Gippsland residents have already heeded the call to get the jab to help keep themselves, their families and workmates safe.
But with the vaccine rollout not uniform across the country, as the state and federal governments have divided the task between them, Operation COVID Shield is currently looking at opportunities to utilise data collected within the Australian Immunisation Register.
A health department spokesperson said the Australian Army Lieutenant General John
James Frewen was working with the states and territories on ways to release more detailed data beyond state and territory of residence.
Information collected by local health officials shows that as of July 26, the total number of
vaccines administered at the Wellington Shire’s major vaccine centre, Gippsland Regional Sports Centre Sale, and Yarram Medical Clinic, was 4347.
That is divided between 3330 Pfizer vaccinations and 1017 Astra Zeneca vaccinations.
In addition, as of July 13, the Wellington Respiratory Clinic had administered 10,000 doses, taking the Gippsland-wide figure to 41,000 vaccinations given.
Throughout Australia, there have been more than 1.2 million doses given, which equates to 13.2 per cent of people vaccinated.
This compares to India, which has vaccinated 95.4 million people, which is seven per cent of the population, and the United States of America, which has fully vaccinated 163 million people, or 49.7 per cent of the population.
Across the globe, 13.9 per cent of people have been fully vaccinated.
As of Tuesday, July 27, the total number of confirmed cases in Victoria since the beginning of the pandemic was 20,924, of which 19,806 had recovered.
That includes 20 cases in Wellington Shire, three of which are currently classed as ‘active’.
However, all three people are quarantining at home and have not been infectious in the
Statewide, there have been 8,140,576 tests administered as of July 27.
Across the country there have been more than 24 million tests.
While the government was hoping to have four million people vaccinated by March and the
entire country inoculated by October, the vaccine rollout has been hampered by supply difficulties, logistical problems and vaccine hesitancy.