‘Major works’ planned for Stratford-Maffra Rd

MAJOR works will upgrade safety and improve driving conditions on Stratford-Maffra Rd.
Gippsland MHR Darren Chester said $1.476 million in federal government funding would be spent on improve safety measures along the road, such as shoulder sealing, installation of safety barriers and delineation improvements.
“The state government owns this road, but like many transport corridors across Gippsland it hasn’t received the funding it needs,” Mr Chester said.
He said there would be “strict conditions” on timelines, and the state would have to use the money quickly or it will be redirected to other projects.
“While the work will cause delays and disruptions to road users, the improved safety will be worth the wait,” Mr Chester added.
“The major boost by the federal government will be welcomed by local road users.”
He said the works would improve safety and reduce the risk of fatalities and injuries.